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World Record?


By: Kevin Sheldon | Updated 10/6/2023

On June 6th, 2023 a customer contacted us about building them a hair cell roll. When we gave them the quote of 18-22 weeks to fabricate and deliver, they asked if it could be done in 8 weeks complete?

After I asked them if they were serious, I then spoke to them about devising a plan to try and meet that expedited delivery.

Having conferred with the team members at USA Rolls, strategizing a plan for the fabrication, and reaching out to our pre-qualified vendors for the engraving prep and engraving; I responded back to the customer that day and gave them the plan, with the caveat that there was no recovery time in it should something goes sideways. Also, that we would need to order the material that day, the 6th. They said they could not get us the purchase order and down payment until the 9th, but taken them on their word we moved forward with ordering material that day.

On July 19th the completed roll was picked up for delivery to the customer, delivered on the 20th and installed and making great sheet on the 21st_ The team members at USA Rolls, from the administration to the shop floor, and the chosen vendors had beaten the target delivery date by 2 weeks; delivering a 24 inch OD by 110 inch face length double shell spirally baffled rolls with a hair call pattern with flash chrome in an historic 6 weeks.

USA Rolls’ ability to fabricate this roll around the clock, on our normal 3 shift production schedule, made a significant impact on achieving this milestone. What would have taken others 3 calendar days to accomplish we were able to accomplish in 1 calendar day.

Blessed by God that there were no hiccups, and trusting in the customer and the vendors to execute, we accomplished what many said was impossible.

Great job by everyone involved with this project!