USA Rolls utilizes the roll design techniques and processes that have been proven over generations of roll building and fabricating.

The past experience of designing and fabricating rolls for the FR Gross Company, as well as Xaloy, has allowed USA Rolls associates to garner tremendous experience with some of the leading innovators in roll design.

USA Rolls THERMAL ANALYTICS considers all the variables necessary to produce a roll that is specifically designed to optimize your processing.   USA Rolls takes great pride in avoiding “paralysis through analysis” in processes that ask for too much detail that have little or no impact on roll performance.

In addition, every roll goes through USA rolls STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS analysis, consisting of but not limited to:  deflections, safety factors, and shaft design.  That is why USA Rolls had successfully implemented the Enhanced Deflection, utilized to minimize deflection across longer roll faces.

Our engineering group is led by Samuel Weeks, who has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Akron with an emphasis on heat transfer design, analysis and application across a variety of materials.   Mr. Weeks has dedicated his entire professional career to the design and implementation of Thermal Analytics and Structural Dynamics to ensure USA Rolls customers’ receive the highest quality, and best performing roll possible at a great value.

The engineering group is relentless in their pursuit of Customer Satisfaction and continually strive to exceed customer expectations.