Our Products

USA Rolls is a full service fabricator of all types of rolls. Specializing, but not limited to, heat transfer rolls; USA Rolls can engineer and fabricate rolls in response to your processing issues, or fabricate rolls to prints provided.

Our heat transfer rolls can be produced using a metal spiral or Teflon spiral, dependent upon your application or design. No matter the trade name associated with the roll, USA Rolls will perform as well or better than the competition, with higher value.

In response to customer needs, USA Rolls has developed the following:

BLACKLIGHT OPTICAL finish, a 0-.4Ra flawless optical finish maximized for sensitive processing of various materials

BI-FLOW DESIGN a roll optimized to allow for clockwise or counter clockwise rotation and still perform heat transfer

52++ 420 stainless steel overlay with a hardness of 52- 56 Rc

In addition to our heat transfer rolls engineering and fabricating expertise, we can also produce cores for rubber coverings and engravings or etched rolls.