Heat Transfer Rolls

Heat transfer rolls are utilized in a wide variety of applications only limited by one’s imagination. They also come with a variety of names; chill rolls, double shell spirally baffled rolls, calendar rolls etc. But whatever you call your heat transfer roll, there are numerous variables to be taken into consideration when optimizing heat transfer rolls for the specific application.

Our Heat Transfer Roll engineer can optimize your roll by utilizing information provided by you.  If information is lacking, he can reverse engineer your heat transfer rolls based upon decades of in field application data, and your current roll configuration.

Not all heat transfer rolls are created equal!


Figure 1
One lone welded on spiral

Figure 2
Spiral Gap was done incorrectly, and then attempted re-work

Figure 3
One entry point for the fluid

All our internal passages and spirals are designed to the specific application of your heat transfer roll.   The spiral can be made from hot roll bar for high load applications, to stainless steel to minimize corrosion, to Teflon to minimize bleed through into your product.