USA Rolls was founded on these basic principles:
USA Rolls will be the “roll division” of their customers,
USA Rolls will be an “old-school” company, and
USA Rolls will “do the right thing”.

USA Rolls continues to focus on these principles, and we will not rest until we are the premier provider in the engineering and manufacturing of heat transfer rolls in North America. That is why we have a comprehensive engineering group that can assist you in optimizing and resolving processing issues.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

Kevin Sheldon
Founder and Owner of USA Rolls

USA Rolls’ Associates
Our Associates have had the honor and privilege of working with, and mentored by, some of the most accomplished, innovative individuals ever associated with heat transfer rolls. The breadth of knowledge these individuals have, and shared with USA Rolls associates, is unmatched by any other company in North America, possibly the world.
USA Rolls is proud to utilize this unmatched experience in their design and fabricating of all their rolls.

Our engineering group is led by Samuel Weeks, who has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Akron with an emphasis on heat transfer design with analysis and application across a variety of materials. Mr. Weeks has dedicated his entire professional career to the design and implementation of Thermal Analytics and Structural Dynamics to ensure USA Rolls customers receive the highest quality, and best performing roll possible at a great value.


The foundation of USA Rolls engineering group has been laid on a bedrock of great individuals who have been recognized as leaders and innovators in heat transfer rolls and plastic processing.

Tim Womer
Founder of TWWomer & Associates
USA Rolls has the unique experience of working with and being mentored by Tim Womer.

Tim is a recognized authority in plastics technology and machinery with a brilliant career spanning more than 40 years and a Certified Plastics Technician (CPlasT) by the Society of Plastics Engineers. Prior to re-starting his consulting business, Tim was the Global Corporate Technical Advisor for Xaloy, Inc, and prior to that position Tim was the Chief Technical Officer for the corporation. Tim joined Xaloy with this company’s acquisition of New Castle Industries in 2003. Earlier he served in leadership positions in engineering, research and development at Spirex Corporation, Conair, Inc. and NRM Corporation. For ten years he has been an independent consultant in plastics process engineering with major clients engaged in extrusion, blow molding and injection molding.

Tim was the President of the Society of Plastics Engineers for the 2006-2007 term. He is a “Fellow of the Society” sponsored by the SPE’s Extrusion Division, a Distinguished Member of the Society, and in 2010 received the Honored Service Award which is only give to less than 5% of the SPE membership. Tim is only one of five individuals in the 70 year history of SPE to receive all three of the top honorary awards.

In 2012, Tim was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame for his contributions to the Plastics Industry and is also on the Board of Governors for the Plastics Pioneers Association.
He has served SPE in numerous capacities, including chairperson of SPE’s Extrusion Division. He has served on the ANTEC Technical Paper Review Board for over 20 years. In 2009, Tim received the prestigious Bruce Maddock for his stellar contributions to development and research work in the area of Single Screw Extrusion.
Tim patented several heat transfer roll designs while working for Xaloy. Tim is a recognized authority in plastics technology and machinery with a brilliant career spanning more than 40 years and a Certified Plastics Technician (CPlasT) by the Society of Plastics Engineers.

USA Rolls is fortunate to have the expertise of Tim as a foundation for their engineering group. For more information about Tim, please go to his website.

James D. Frankland
Frankland Plastics Consulting, LLC

President of consulting firm specializing in all aspects of extrusion processing of plastics including process and equipment design. Current client portfolio includes major companies in the plastics processing, plastics manufacturing, and plastics machinery business.

James has a B.S. in engineering and holds many patents on screw and chill-roll design. He has extensive industry-wide relationships with processors and suppliers, as well as long association with SPE and SPI. He holds the prestigious title of SPE Fellow, and was one of the longest serving board member for SPE’s extrusion division, with 32 years’ tenure. He has held many of the offices in the division, including chairman. Frankland has served on the board of SPI and as chairman of the components division. He is also a member of Plastics Pioneers.

James has been honored with the Bruce Maddock Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers for lifetime achievement in single-screw extrusion.
He began his career with General Tire Plastics and then with Arco Polymers where he researched ways to improve the performance of resins through a better understanding of processing. He went on serve as R&D manager for the Uniloy division of Hoover, before joining New Castle Industries where he rose to president during his 26 years there. He later worked at Cincinnati Milacron as Director of Extrusion Technology before retiring and becoming a consultant.

James was the father of the Contra-bend™ , and has continued to refine the design into his latest version the contra-flection™. USA Rolls associates have been extremely fortunate to have been exposed to James’ vast knowledge of plastic processing, and chill roll design and application. We continue to work together to bring solutions to customers. To contact James directly, please email at .

Dr. Frank R. Gross

Dr. Frank Gross was an engineering genius, whose many talents including designing gliders pre-World War 2, to heat transfer rolls with a greater control of temperature deviation across the roll face. Dr. Gross’s method of heat transfer calculations using a variable pitch spiral became known as the Equatherm® Heat Transfer Rolls.

USA Rolls associates had the honor to have worked with Dr. Gross directly, on the Equatherm® design and fabrication process, as well as his last venture, the boundary air layer modification structure for heat transfer rolls. While he was never able to bring into production his last invention, Dr. Gross’s insatiable appetite for process improvements and innovation in heat transfer was passed along to his employees, and current USA Rolls associates. We strive to continue his legacy in finding innovations to process improvements in heat transfer applications.

USA Rolls offers a Teflon spiral wrapped roll that duplicates the performance of Dr. Gross’s innovation.

Let USA Rolls’ unique background work for you.

Have a great day!
Kevin Sheldon and the USA Rolls team