420 Stainless Steel Hard Facing

USA Rolls utilizes a Submerged Arc Welding procedure to apply a stainless-steel cladding that produces a more corrosion resistant roll, as well as a harder roll.

The stainless-steel application increases the Rc to a range of 48 to 52 Rc;  and can be as high as  52-56 Rc range through the  designation of the USA Rolls 52++ 420 stainless steel overlay.

In addition to the corrosion resistance and the harder surface, the 420 stainless-steel overlay rolls are more conducive to repair should something happen in the nip process.

USA Rolls has two (2) Submerged Arc Welding machines that run 24 hours a day, thereby insuring that the 420 stainless-steel application is not a bottleneck operation for the construction of your roll.